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The Complete HIV/AIDS Teaching Kit

By Josefina Card, Angela Amarillas, Alana Conner, Diana Dull Akers, Julie Solomon
Product Description:

In today's highly emotional HIV/AIDS debates, HIV risk behaviors are often simplistically described as a matter of "human choice," with little attention paid to the complex social, environmental, cultural, and economic factors impacting these choices. It is critically important to understand not only the science of the disease but also the behavioral and sociocultural influences that both facilitate, and prevent the spread of HIV.

This unique teaching kit--a research-based resource for a diverse audience, including academics, students, and health professionals--facilitates this understanding. The book covers the biomedical, social, psychological, and behavioral aspects of AIDS, thus providing a multidisciplinary view of prevention and treatment.

The Complete HIV/AIDS Teaching Kit offers an overview of what science knows about the incidence, prevalence, antecedents, consequences, prevention, and treatment of HIV/AIDS and is organized in four parts:
  • HIV/AIDS: The Epidemic
  • Preventing AIDS
  • Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Gender, Culture, and HIV/AIDS
Use the companion volume, Tools for Building Culturally Competent HIV Prevention Programs (Springer Publishing late 2007), to answer all your questions about program structure, effectiveness, goals, recruitment, evaluation, and more.


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