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Physician’s Home Assistant

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Welcome to Physician’s Home Assistant, an easy-to-use home medical software program. Physician’s Home Assistant was developed by a team of health care professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and nutritionists with the aid of up-to-date textbooks and case studies. Wisely used, this program enables you to take an active role in understanding and promoting the optimum [COLOR=#960000 ! important][COLOR=#960000 ! important]health[/COLOR][/COLOR] of your family. Physician’s Home Assistant lets you replace concern with knowledge. Symptom Analysis Have you ever been to the doctor and found it difficult to describe your symptoms Physician’s Home Assistant prompts you with “YES/NO” questions regarding your symptoms. Based on your first set of answers, Physician’s Home Assistant asks follow-up questions. You can print your symptoms and get a list of possible causes. Being able to describe your symptoms clearly to your doctor should make your appointment go more smoothly and help your doctor to make a more accurate diagnosis. Drug Interactions You can either inquire about the side effects of individual drugs or ask Physician’s Home Assistant to alert you to potential interactions within many combinations of prescription and over-the-counter drugs before you take them. You can also check for interactions between drugs and caffeine or alcohol. Medical Record Have you ever had to search for your children’s immunization records in order to register them into a new school Do you know when you had your last tetanus shot Physician’s Home Assistant’s lets you record pertinent medical and health-related information. You can maintain medical records with details in 26 different categories. Records are filed individually, and can be printed so that wherever you go you can take your medical history with you. Encyclopedia The Encyclopedia section provides you with information on a variety of health related topics including diseases, and surgeries, poisons, first aid

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