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Type 2 Diabetes: Prediction and Prevention

Diabetes is now a major global health problem. About 123 million people have diabetes, approximately 2.10f the worlds population. Of these 120 million have type 2 diabetes. There is a range of reasons for the explosion in prevalence of type 2 diabetes, from changes in lifestyle and environmental factors to complex effects on genetic susceptibility. Type 2 Diabetes: Prediction and Prevention describes the progress made on predicting diabetes through better understanding of the genetics of the disease and the intrauterine environment, and the strategies for prevention. It is an essential text for all with an interest in the disease. Subjects covered include:
* The genetics of type 2 diabetes
* Insulin resistance – the evidence for a genetic component
* Intrauterine development and diabetes
* Screening and prevention
* Obesity
* Drug treatment
* Genetic counselling and ethics
Type 2 diabetes is a disease of the modern world and it needs to be combated through modern science. This comprehensive book will inform all those who work in the field of diabetes, whether researchers or practitioners, on what is known about the disease and on current and future strategies to manage the disease at both individual patient and population levels

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