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Hypertension- A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease

Clinical hypertension is one of the most serious long-term problems associated with heart disease. This companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease focuses in depth on this key area of cardiovascular medicine. Complete with practical clinical tools for management, it helps you manage the chronic problems of your hypertensive patients. It covers everything from epidemiology and pathophysiology through diagnosis, risk stratification, treatment, outcome studies, concomitant diseases, special populations and special situations, and future treatments.
*Addresses management of all special populations with chronic hypertensive disease.
*Includes Clinical Pearls for reducing complications of hypertension.
*Discusses hypertension and concomitant disease.
*Provides information on the practical management of hypertension and its role in complex diseases
*Emphasizes prevention of hypertensive diseases.
*Covers behavior management as an integral part of treatment plan for hypertensives and pre-hypertensives.
*Assesses drugs and other forms of treatment.
*Presents current clinical guidelines for the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
*Encourages aggressive patient management to ensure minimal risk of further cardiovascular problems.

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