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Drug Information Books and articles

Drug Info Books

Question Answer
Drug Facts and Comparisons General Sources
Drug Information Handbook (library & online in Lexicomp) General Sources
Handbook of Clinical Drug Data General Sources
Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs General Sources
Lexicomp General Sources
Micromedex General Sources
Mosby’s Drug Consult General Sources
Physicians’ Desk Reference General Sources
PDR of Opthalmics General Sources
USP DI volume I General Sources
USP Dictionary of USAN and International Drug Names Identification and General Source
Aronson Side Effects of Drugs Annual 29 Adverse effects
Meyler’s Side Effects of Drugs Adverse effects
Davies’ Textbook of Adverse Drug Reactions Adverse effects
Trissel’s Handbook of Injectable Drugs Compatibility and Stability
King Guide to Parenteral Admixtures (online in Lexicomp) Compatibility and Stability
Micromedex C&S Compatibility and Stability
Pediatric Injectable Drugs: The Teddy Bear Book Compatibility and Stability
Trissel’s Stability of Compounded Formulations Compatibility and Stability
Trissel’s 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database Compatibility and Stability
Merck Index Compounding
Remington: the Science & Practice of Pharmacy Compounding
A Practical Guide to Contemporary Pharmacy Practice Compounding
USP DI Volume III Compounding
USP NF: US Pharmacopeia & National Formulary
Handbook of Pharmacuetical Excipients Compounding
Allen’s Compounded Formulations Compounding
Extemporaneous Formulations (ASHP) Compounding
Lexicomp Price Cost
Mosby’s Drug Consult Cost Cost
Red Book: Pharmacy’s Fundamental Reference Cost
PDR for Herbal and Dietary Supplements Dietary Supplements
AltMedDex (online in Micromedex) Dietary Supplements
Natural Products (in Lexicomp) Dietary Supplements
Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database Dietary Supplements
Mosby’s Drug Consult Dietary Supplements
Review of Natural Products (Facts & Comparisons) Dietary Supplements
The Complete German Commission E-Monographs Dietary Supplements
Professional’s Handbook of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Dietary Supplements
General Sources Dosage Recommendations
Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure: Dosing Guideline for Adults and Children (Bennett’s) Dosage Recommendations
Index Nominum: International Drug Directory (library & online in Micromedex) Foreign Drug Indentifcation
Martidales: The Complete Drug Reference Foreign Drug Indentifcation
Poisondex (online in Micromedex) Foreign Drug Indentifcation
Lexicomp (Drug ID) Foreign Drug Indentifcation
USP Dictionary of USAN & International Drug Names Foreign Drug Indentifcation
European Drug Index Foreign Drug Indentifcation
General Sources Drug Interactions
Drug Interaction Facts Drug Interactions
Hansten and Horn’s Drug Interaction Analysis and Management Drug Interactions
Evaluations of Drug Interactions Drug Interactions
Drug Therapy Monitoring System Drug Interactions
Stockley’s Drug Interactions Drug Interactions
Orange Book Generic (Therapeutic ) equivalency
Ident-a-Drug Reference Identifications
Lexi-comp Iden Identifications
Identidex (online in Micromedex) Identifications
Trissel’s Handbook of Injectable Drugs Incompatibility and Stability
King Guide to Parenteral Admixtures (online in Lexi-comp) Incompatibility and Stability
Micromedex I&S Incompatibility and Stability
Trissel’s Stability of Compounded Formulatio Incompatibility and Stability ns
Trissel’s 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database Incompatibility and Stability
American Drug Index Investigational Drugs
Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference Investigational Drugs
USP Dictionary of USAN & International Drug Names Investigational Drugs
The Pink Sheet Investigational Drugs
Basic Skills in Interpreting Lab Data (ASHP) Lab data
Micromedex Lab Lab data
Mosby’s Manual of Diagnostic Lab Tests Lab data
Henry’s Clinical Diagnosis & Management Lab data
Drug Facts & Comparisons Nonprescription Drugs
Micromedex Non Rx Drugs Nonprescription Drugs
USPDI Volume I Nonprescription Drugs
Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs Nonprescription Drugs
PDR for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements, and Herbs Nonprescription Drugs
American Drug Index Nonprescription Drugs
General resources Patient Counseling
PALS: Patient Advisory Leaflet System (online in Lexicomp) Patient Counseling
USP DI Volume II Patient Counseling
Detailed Drug Information for the Consumer (Stat Ref) Patient Counseling
ASHP Med Teaching Manual Patient Counseling
Harriet Lane Handbook Pediatric Dosage Recommendations
Teddy Bear Book – Pediatric Injectable Drugs Pediatric Dosage Recommendations
Neofax Pediatric Dosage Recommendations
Lexicomp Pediatrics Pediatric Dosage Recommendations
Applied Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics (Shargel) Pharmacokinetics
Clark’s Analysis of Drugs & Poisons Pharmacokinetics
Basic Clinical Pharmacokinetics (Winters) Pharmacokinetics
Applied Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics: Principles of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Pharmacokinetics
Clinical Pharmacokinetics: Concepts and Application Pharmacokinetics
Goodman & Gilman’s: the Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics Pharmacology
Basic & Clinical Pharmacology (Lange) Pharmacology
Principles of Pharmacology (Lippincott) Pharmacology
Pharmacy Practice and the Law (Abood) Pharmacy Law
Pharmacy Law Digest Pharmacy Law
Guide to Federal Pharmacy Law (apothecary press) Pharmacy Law
Brigg’s Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation Teratogenicity
Shepards Teratogenic agents (library & micromedex) Teratogenicity
Reprorisk (online in Micromedex) Teratogenicity
Teris (online in Micromedex) Teratogenicity
Mosby’s Drug Consult Lactation Teratogenicity
Medications and Mother’s Milk: A manual of lactational pharmacology Teratogenicity
Applied Therapuetics: The clinical use of drugs (Koda-Kimble) Therapeutics (Drug of Choice)
Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach (Dipiro’s) Therapeutics (Drug of Choice)
Textbook of Therapeutics: Drug and Disease Management (Herfindal’s) Therapeutics (Drug of Choice)
Cecil Textbook of Medicine Therapeutics (Drug of Choice)
Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine Therapeutics (Drug of Choice)
Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy Therapeutics (Drug of Choice)
Washington Manual of Therapeutics Therapeutics (Drug of Choice)
UpToDate (online) Therapeutics (Drug of Choice)
Cassarett & Doull’s Toxicology Toxicology
Goldfrank’s Toxicologic Emergencies Toxicology
Poisondex (online in Micromedex) Toxicology
Clarke’s Analysis of Drugs & Poisons Toxicology
Dart’s Medical Toxicology Toxicology
Ellenhorn’s Medical Toxicology Toxicology
Compendium of Veterinary Products Veterinary Medicine
The 5-minute veterinary consult: canine and feline Veterinary Medicine
Textbook of veterinary internal medicine: diseases of the dog and cat Veterinary Medicine
Veterianry Drug Handbook Veterinary Medicine
Drug-Food Interactions Miscellaneous
Text of Pyschopharmacology Miscellaneous
Trease Pharmaconosy Miscellaneous
Symptoms in Pharmacy Miscellaneous
Principles of IV therapy Miscellaneous
Immunofacts: vaccines & immunological drugs Miscellaneous
Drugdex general drug information
Drug Interactions Micromedex Interactions
Identidex drug ID
IV compatibility IV on Micromedex
Poisondex Micromedex Toxicology
Tomes On Micromedex Toxicology
MSDS On Micromedex Toxicology
Information for the Consumer Patient Counseling on Micromedex
Reprorisk Pregnancy & Lactation
Reprotox Preg & Lactation on Micro
Shepard’s Preg & Lactation on Micro
Teris Preg & Lactation on Micro
Physician Drug Reference PDR on Micromedex
AltMedDex alternative medicine
DiseaseDex general and emergency disease treatment information or differential diagnosis
Lab Advisor clinical lab datatbase
Calculators dosing tools, calculators, nomograms
General Drug Information Lexi-Drugs Online
Drug Interactions Lexi-Drugs Online
Drug ID Lexi-Drugs Online
IV Compatibility Lexi-Drugs Online
Pediatric Drugs Online Lexicomp
AHFS Essentials Lexicomp
AHFS DI Lexicomp
Lexi-Drugs International Lexicomp
Geriatric Lexi-Drugs Lexicomp
Natural Products Lexicomp
Pharmacogenomics Online Lexicomp
Infectious Disease Lexicomp
Poisoning & Toxicology Lexicomp
Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Agent Exposure Lexicomp
Lab Tests & Diagnostic Procedures Lexicomp
Clinicians Guide to Diagnosis Lexicomp
Clinicians Guide to Internal Medicine Lexicomp
Clinicians Guide to Lab Medicine Lexicomp

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