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The Handbook of Contraception

: A Guide for Practical Management
Humana Press

ISBN: 15882959906

312 pages 2006-08-11


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provides a comprehensive review of contraception methods for all reproductive-aged women, including those who are young and healthy, postpartum, perimenopausal, adolescent, or who have a medical disease. Because of the vast and diverse list of various contraceptive methods available, this text updates the health care provider with information on safety, practical counseling tools, advantages, and disadvantages of each contraception method. This superb reference offers inclusive information on oral, injectable, emergency, and various cervical barrier contraceptives, as well as behavioral methods of contraception and sterilization methods. An extensive review of currently available laparoscopic and hysterscopic tubal sterilization techniques is also included as well as a chapter introducing the new surgical contraceptive implant, Implanon®.????: Study Temple-All kinds of Study Material The Handbook of ContraceptionThe Handbook of Contraception: A Guide for Practical Management is designed to give the modern health care provider up-to-date information on safety, side effects, advantages, and practical counseling tools.


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