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Homeopathy Pro is a professional computer program for those who practice classical homeopathy.

Homeopathy Pro combines the advantages of time-proved case taking methods with advanced features of up-to-the-minute software.
In other words, now you can work EXACTLY as old masters did - only much faster and without any paperwork!

>> Take case notes in a friendly, convenient environment.
>> Enjoy most natural repertory search.
>> Get correct results from repertorization books by recognized authors.
>> Read various Medica sources to feel confident about your prescription.
>> Save time and preserve quality of your work.

Features of Homeopathy Pro

Can you find the needed repertory rubric in a blink without even knowing it's there? Or, view all remedy symptoms without searching through dozens of Materia Medica volumes? Or, have all case history at your fingertips in a single convenient case file?

You surely can, now that you have a copy of Homeopathy Pro.

The software we are offering is a universal information center for a classical homeopath, homeopathic student or even a layman who helps his friends and family to overcome acute conditions. The key thing about Homeopathy Pro is its focus on the patient and symptoms of the case, the totality that leads you to successful prescription.

Our mission is to provide you with a professional, inhouse, all-in-one solution. Homeopathy Pro can boast of unique case management system, classical symptom-rubric arrangement, innovative appearance of repertorization table and infinite tweaking abilities. Feeling unsure about your current case? Just take it with the help of Homeopathy Pro and see whether you end up with something astonishingly correct.

With our program, you can instantly change the number of rubrics included into repertorization, play with the weight of small rubrics, perform sophisticated repertory search and find the necessary Materia Medica article in a mouse click.

Homeopathy Pro offers you two types of repertorization techniques:

Boenninghausen's method. 125 remedies proved and described by Hahnemann. 3000 general rubrics that can be combined into an infinite number of symptoms. Use this approach to make a purely classical homeopathic prescription.

Kent's method. 650 remedies including the small ones introduced by this great homeopathic artist. 68000 symptoms that cover all aspects of human body and mind. Use it to find rare, peculiar and uncommon symptoms for an artistic prescription advocated by Kent and his followers.

For your convenience, we equipped the program with Materia Medica by Boger and Boericke; the former goes well with Boenninghausen's repertory while the latter is ideal for Kent's. What's more, both these repertories can be turned into Materia Medica with a click of the mouse, giving you the most detailed set of symptoms available from classical authors.

And, last but not least: we are providing our users with fastest and most professional free lifetime support. Should you have a problem with the program or just want to clear up a function or technique, we're here to help.

Now, feel free to browse our site to find any information you might be interested in. We suggest that you should begin with our Help Center that will give a detailed explanation on what can be done with the help of Homeopathy Pro.

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