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How to Develop a Perfect Memory

Dominic O'Brien won the title of World Memory Champion two years in a row, and also holds two Guinness records for memory. How does he do it? In this book, Dominic reveals his system and explains how it can help readers to remember names, faces, telephone numbers, learn languages and pass exams.This book has got to be in Memorymentor's opinion, one of the best memory improvement books around. From the start the book bets you hooked, using every day examples like shopping lists to show how easy it is to use the memory techniques in this book.As you work your way through the book you will learn techniques for mastering school work, memorising for interviews, how to use your memory for a diary, memorise decks of cards and learn foreign languages in a matter of weeks! With a little bit of effort you will be reciting poems, speeches and 100's of digits of Pi with ease!


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