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Today when i was surfing, found a good 4shared folder which contain more than 200 free downloadable books....below am giving name of some books available there...hope you enjoy it..contents100 Questions & Answers about Congestive Heart Failure.pdfA Guide to Laparoscopic Surgery.pdfA-Z Common [Medical] Symptom Answer Guide.pdfA-Z of Haematology.pdfABC of Antenatal Care.pdfABC of Antithrombotic Therapy.pdfABC of Dermatology.pdfABC of First Year.pdfABC of Liver Pancreas and Gall Bladder.pdfABC of Subfertility.pdfAbeta Peptide and Alzheimer s Disease.pdfAdvanced Assessment - Interpreting Findings and Formulating Differential Diagnoses.pdfAdvances in Spinal Fusion.pdfAging Kidney in Health and Disease.pdfAnalgesia.pdfAnesthesia for Congenital Heart Disease.pdfApplied Laboratory Medicine.pdfArrhythmogenic RV Cardiomyopathy Dysplasia - Recent Advances.pdfAtlas of Medical Helminthology and Protozoology.pdfAtlas of Selective Sentinel Lymphadenectomy for Melanoma Breast Colon Cancer.pdfAttention Deficit Disorder.pdfAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD.pdfAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.pdfAutism - Neural Basis and Treatment Possibilities.pdfAutism Asperger's Syndrome - Intervening in Schools Clinics and Communities.pdfAutistic Spectrum Disorders - Practical Strategies.pdfBasis and Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias.pdfBlood Purification (Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease).pdfBone Resorption (Topics in Bone Biology).pdfBrain Facts - a Primer on Brain and Nervous System.pdfCaffeine and Activation Theory.pdfCalcium and Phosphate Metabolism Management in Chronic Renal Disease.pdfCambridge Encyclopedia Child Development.pdfCancer Screening - a Practical Guide for Physicians.pdfCardiac Care An Introduction for Healthcare Professionals.pdfCardiogenic Shock - Diagnosis and Treatment.pdfCardioVascular Genomics.pdfChronic Abdominal and Visceral Pain.pdfChronic Leukemias and Lymphomas.pdfClinical Cardiac ElectroPhysiology in Young.pdfClinical Decisions in Pediatric Nephrology.pdfClinical Guide to Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Transplantation.pdfClinical Nephrotoxins.pdfClinical Skills for Ophthalmic Exam - Basic Procedures.pdfClinical Ultrasound in Benign Proctology.pdfClinician's Guide to Liver Disease.pdfClinician's HandBook of Prescription Drugs.pdfColor Atlas of Genetics.pdfColor Atlas of Otoscopy.pdfColor Atlas of Strabismus Surgery - Strategies and Techniques.pdfComplete Dentures.pdfComplete Guide to Repetitive Strain Injury.pdfCore Topics in Airway Management.pdfCore Topics in Pain.pdfCoronary Heart Disease in Clinical Practice.pdfCosmetic Dermatology.pdfCystic Fibrosis in the 21st Century.pdfDental Secrets.pdfDiabetes and CardioVascular Disease 2nd Ed.pdfDiabetes demystified.pdfDiabetic Kidney.pdfDiabetic Retinopathy.pdfDictionary of Neurological Signs.pdfDiseases of the Abdomen and Pelvis.pdfDiverticular Disease.pdfDown Syndrome - Visions for 21st Century .pdfECG Notes - Interpretation and Management Guide.pdfECG's for Emergency Physician.pdfEmergencies in Diabetes.pdfEmergency Vascular Surgery.pdfEmerging Pathologies in Cardiology.pdfEncyclopedia of Children's Health and Wellness.pdfEncyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases and Disorders.pdfEncyclopedia of Heart Diseases.pdfEndocrine Surgery.pdfEndosurgery for Cancer.pdfEpilepsy - Global Issues for Practicing Neurologist.pdfErythropoietins and Erythropoiesis.pdfEssentials of Autopsy Practice.pdfEssentials of Child PsychoPathology.pdfEssentials of Clinical Nephrology.pdfEveryday Education Visual Support for Children with Autism.pdfEvidence-Based Resource in Anesthesia and Analgesia.pdfExamination of NewBorn - a Practical Guide.pdfFacial Trauma.pdfFifty Years in Dyslexia Research.pdfFirst Exposure to General Surgery.pdfFood Allergies for Dummies.pdfFoundations in Social NeuroScience.pdfFrom NeuroScience to Neurology.pdfFunctional Neuro-Anatomy of Pain.pdfFundamental of Renal Pathology.pdfFundamentals of Neurologic Disease.pdfFundamentals of Oncology.pdfGeneral Practice 3rd Ed.pdfHandBook of Gynaecology Management.pdfHandbook of Models for Human Aging.pdfHandBook of Obstetrics & Gynecology.pdfHandBook of Pathology and PathoPhysiology of CardioVascular Disease.pdfHandBook of Pediatric Eye and Syst


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