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Kaplan's Cardiac Anesthesia By Joel A. Kaplan, David L. Reich, Carol L. Lake, St

* * * Publisher:* Saunders
* * * Number Of Pages:* 1300
* * * Publication Date:* 2006-03-17
* * * ISBN-10 / ASIN:* 1416002537
* * * ISBN-13 / EAN:* 9781416002536
* * * Binding:* Hardcover

Product Description:

Dr. Kaplan and a multitude of other eminent specialists have completely updated and revised the 5th Edition of this definitive bible of cardiac anesthesia. They present detailed information on all the latest techniques, and offer the essential guidance readers need when administering anesthesia to cardiac surgery patients as well as cardiac patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery. Inside, readers will find 12 new chapters plus all other chapters extensively updated, three renowned new associate editors-Dr. David L. Reich, Dr. Carol L. Lake, and Dr. Steven N. Konstadt-and detailed discussions of the hottest topics.

* * * Features detailed coverage of cardiovascular and coronary physiology, and the latest advances in molecular biology and inflammatory response mechanisms.
* * * Offers the latest "know-how" on perioperative assessment and management, including state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques.

* * * Presents fresh perspectives from three new associate editors: Dr. David L. Reich, Dr. Carol L. Lake, and Dr. Steven N. Konstadt.
* * * Includes a new section on past, present, and future of cardiac anesthesia and surgery.
* * * Features 12 new chapters: Ch. 1Evolution of Cardiac Anesthesia and Surgery · Ch. 2 Milestones in Cardiac Surgery · Ch. 3 The Future of Cardiology · Ch. 4 The Future of Cardiac Surgery and Anesthesia · Ch. 16 Decision-Making and Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography · Ch. 21 Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery · Ch. 23 Thoracic Aortic Arch ·Ch. 30 Organ Protection During Cardiopulmonary Bypass · Ch. 32 Postoperative Cardiac Recovery and Outcomes · Ch. Ch. 37 Pain Management for the Postoperative Cardiac Patient · Ch. 40 Reducing Errors in Cardiac Anesthesiology · Ch. 41 Cardiac Anesthesia: Training, Qualifications, Teaching, and Learning.
* * * Provides new information on targeted gene therapy · pharmacology of anesthetic and cardiac drugs · transesophageal echocardiography · minimally invasive/robotic cardiac surgery · cardiac assist devices and artificial hearts · and many more cutting-edge topics


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