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The Dark Star

Riches, leisure, opportunity to study for a career upon his stage, are mine if I desire."
"Dost thou desire this, little Ilse?"
"And the man Venem who has followed thee so long?"
"I cannot be what he would have me--a Hausfrau--to mend his linen for my board and lodging."
"And the Fatherland which placed me here on outpost?"
"I take thy place when God relieves thee."
"So ist's recht!... GrĂ¼s Gott--Ilse----"
* * * * *
Among the German settlers a five-piece brass band had been organised the year before.
It marched at the funeral of Albrecht Dumont, lately head gamekeeper to nobility in the mountains of a long-lost province.
Three months later Ilse Dumont arrived in Chicago to marry Eddie Brandes. One Benjamin Stull was best man. Others present included "Captain" Quint, "Doc" Curfoot, "Parson" Smawley, Abe Gordon--friends of the bridegroom.
Invited by the bride, among others were Theodor Weishelm, th

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