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The Free Medical Dictionary Software project welcomes you and invites you to download our (freeware) medical dictionary software available online. We hope you find the software and content useful and accurate. We are always open to suggestions on how to improve the software and appreciate any comments you may have What can you expect from the Free Medical Dictionary Software:
Information and definitions covering almost all specialties and fields of medicine:
medical terminology
pharmaceutical drugs
healthcare equipment
health conditions
medical devices
medical abbreviations
and more...
Downloading, installing, uninstalling is quick and easy:
The download is only 378Kb small! Therefore, even if you are on a dial-up connection it should only take you 1 minute to download the entire installation software. If you have DSL, Cable Internet or any other form of broadband you can download the software in seconds!
The free medical dictionary software installs very simply with only a couple of clicks.
If for some crazy reason you decide to uninstall you'll be happy to know that it is easy and automated.
Updates are free and continuous
The software automaticly notifies you when updates are available, so that you can stay current.
and of course... updates are free also!
NO SPYWARE Requirements for using the Free Medical Dictionary Software:
Windows 95 or newer PC
Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer
An Internet connection So what are you waiting for...

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