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The notes will be published by Princeton University Press in 2010. The notes will remain freely available online after the book is published. One goal of this project is to reduce the cost of textbooks and to make the material as readily available as possible.
We suggest that you do not print a chapter until you actually need it, because we will update the chapters during the semester. Frequent updates of Chapters 5-9 will be posted until about June 1, 2009. Further down the pipeline are new chapters on Dynamics and Statistical Physics.
Please send us your comments and suggestions for improving the text.
Many of the problems in Chapters 1 and 3-9 make use of simulations.
The pdf files are hyperlinked, although not all the links work with all operating systems and software used to read the pdf files.
All the material at this site will eventually be moved to , an educational resource collection. Copies of previous versions of the chapters are available.
Table of Contents. Updated 9 March 2009.
Chapter 1, "From Classical Mechanics to Statistical Mechanics," pages 1-30. Updated 12 April 2009.
Chapter 2, "Thermodynamic Concepts and Processes," pages 31-103. Updated 14 April 2009.
Chapter 3, "Concepts of Probability," pages 104-169. Updated 13 April 2009.
Chapter 4, "The Methodology of Statistical Mechanics," pages 170-226. Updated 1 April 2009.
Chapter 5, "Magnetic Systems," pages 227-290. Updated 22 April 2009.
Chapter 6, "Noninteracting Particle Systems," pages 291-353. Updated 13 April 2009.
Chapter 7, "The Chemical Potential and Phase Equilibria," pages 354-384. Updated 13 April 2009.
The following chapters are more advanced.
Chapter 8, "Theories of Gases and Liquids," pages 385-431. Updated 22 April 2009.
Chapter 9, "Critical Phenomena and the Renormalization Group," pages 432-464. Updated 23 April 2009.
New chapters are planned on non-thermal statistical processes and time-dependent phenomena.
Appendix, pages 462-470. Updated 8 January 2009.
Problem Listing. Updated 24 February 2009.
Index. Updated 2 February 2009. The index is still incomplete.
Introduction to Many-Body Perturbation Theory, 10 pages. Updated 2 January 2006. It is unlikely that this chapter will be included in the published text.

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