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CT Colonography: Principles and Practice of Virtual Colonoscopy

In CT Colonography, Perry Pickhardt and David Kim present techniques for quicker evaluation and diagnosis of colon cancer through the pioneering, specialty-changing imaging technique of virtual colonoscopy (VC). This combination of sophisticated X-rays and CT scans of the abdomen offers patients an alternative to colonoscopy that is cost effective and reduces the need for unnecessary polyp removal. Abundantly illustrated in full color, this pioneering book describes CT colonography from pathogenesis, staging and treatment through indications, technique, and interpretation for the most common pathologies. You’ll have the full spectrum of VC technique and be able to see procedures performed through video clips on the included DVD (only book here for download).
*Covers principles, techniques, and interpretations for the most common pathologies in a logical, practical organization.
*Presents tips from the authors on setting up a VC practice to provide a personal, instructive guide.
*Provides over 1000 full-color, high-resolution anatomic images throughout for the clearest, most accurate picture of colorectal cancer, its natural history, and its diagnosis by VC.
*Focuses on images, with the text serving as context for the proper use and understanding of VC


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