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Fundamentals of Medical Imaging

Fundamentals of Medical Imaging, second edition, is an invaluable technical introduction to each imaging modality, explaining the mathematical and physical principles and giving a clear understanding of how images are obtained and interpreted. Individual chapters cover each imaging modality – radiography, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and ultrasound – reviewing the physics of the signal and its interaction with tissue, the image formation or reconstruction process, a discussion of image quality and equipment, clinical applications and biological effects and safety issues. Subsequent chapters review image analysis and visualization for diagnosis, treatment and surgery.
New to this edition:
• Appendix of questions and answers
• New chapter on 3D image visualization
• Advanced mathematical formulae in separate text boxes
• Ancillary website containing 3D animations:
• Full colour illustrations throughout Engineers, clinicians, mathematicians and physicists will find this an invaluable aid in understanding the physical principles of imaging and their clinical applications.

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