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Williams Gynecology

Written by clinicians from the same department of Obstetrics and Gynecology responsible for the landmark bestseller Williams Obstetrics, this full-color text and atlas offers a complete overview of gynecology that no other source can match. In its pages, you’ll find a templated, in-depth examination of the entire spectrum of gynecologic disease.
Supporting this unparalleled coverage are a gynecologic surgical atlas, and numerous comprehension-building algorithms, tables, and figures that clarify differential diagnoses and preferred management strategies for treatment. And unlike most multi-authored texts, Williams Gynecology has a consistent, even tone, as all of its editors and authors are affiliated with Parkland Hospital in Dallas.
*Encyclopedic scope covers the full range of gynecologic disorders, from cancer and infertility, to urogynecologic disorders
*Full-color atlas section consisting of 350 figures that illuminate operative surgical techniques — created by the Director and students of the Biomedical Communications Graduate Program at UT Southwestern.
*Strong procedure orientation, covering a wide array of surgical operations, which are illustrated in detail
*Numerous clinical algorithms and boxes highlighting differential diagnoses and best-practice treatment methods
*Experienced author team from Parkland Hospital that updated the classic Williams Obstetrics–the leading reference in obstetrics for more than a century

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